At Gopal Lifesciences, giving back to the community is central to the existence of the organization. We are not just limited to business, but we strongly believe in giving back to the society what we have got from it. In other words, we are committed to the communities in which we work. Support to the community through various social development initiatives is the way through which we invest in society. GLS is very active in creating a positive impact through its various activities on Environment, Consumers, Employees and the public at large. Since the inception of Gopal group of industries way back in 1990, we have made an endeavor to do our bit for the betterment of society.

To give a proper structure to all the activities done by GLS, we have formed a foundation by the of name of ‘Gopal Lifesciences foundation for Patient Care’ (GLFPC) with a broader vision to proper utilize the amount so as to ensure proper utilization and bettermentefit to the larger number of people.

Vision of GLFPC is to become global admirer for health care education. Various programmes under GLFPC are as mentioned below:


Education is an important human activity. It was born with the birth of the human race and shall continue to function as long as the human race lives. Under Manjusha, we are continuosly contributing towards professional development. It includes

# MedPal: It is a bimonthly news letter covering all aspects of hypertension along with its risk factors. It is an educative initiative by Gopal Lifesciences for providing recent and useful information regarding hypertension to the healthcare professionals.

# ECG Series: It is also an educative bimonthly newsletter covering practical cases on ECG. As Electrocardiogram (ECG), besides stethoscope, is the oldest and the most enduring tool of the healthcare professionals. The recorded tracing of the ECG waveforms produced by the heart can tell the basic information about a patient’s condition. Understanding the ECG enables the healthcare provider to respond correctly and to treat dangerous and potential deadly arrhythmias as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Patient education is very essential as it enables patient to assume better responsibility for their own healthcare, improving patient’s ability to manage acute and chronic disorders. It also provides opportunities to choose healthier lifestyle and practice preventive medicine. We are contributing towards patient education via different activities like

# Informative posters like Diabetic posters, Intoxication level posters, etc. # Gate Camp: Educative camp with an objective to educate Cardio and Diabetic patients regarding self care.


We help the nation by shaping youth through scholarships. We aim to empower more than 20 kids every year by sponsoring their education in various institutes apart from sponsoring more than 10 students for their higher education in various streams like Medical, Engineering, Civil/ Judicial services, etc.


GLS Philanthropic healthcare activities range from creating disease awareness camps to free medicine camps at various places wherever it is required. We have been offering free medications to the underprivileged at several charitable dispensaries like Mata Mansa Devi Charitable Society, Aggarwal Bhawan Charitable dispensary to name a few. We have helped in various disasters stricken areas like 100% free medicines were distributed during Badrinath & Odisha flood episodes.


GLS contributes to the nationwide network of several NGOs like People for animals and works to rescue and rehabilitate sick and needy animals. We set up and run shelters, ambulance services, sterilisation programmes, treatment camps, and disaster rescue missions for animals.